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Sweden Songs is an independent music publishing company. The publishing group also include among others Marilinn music. Sweden Songs represent a wide catalogue and controls titles songs in Eurovision Song Contest, over 35 songs in national competitions in several countries for Eurovision in Sweden (Melodifestivalen), Azerbaijan (also in Eurovision Song Contest 2013), Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Finland, Georgia, Romania, Belarus and Austria, and a song in musicfestival Makfest in F.Y.R Macedonia, to pop, rock, indie, blues, hip hop, rockabilly, country music, singer/songwriter, to Swedish danceband music, children´s music both original songs and traditional children´s songs by among others Alice Tegner in trad.arr and music for film and TV for example Tv-series Lilyhammer


Sweden Songs founded by Keith Almgren, who celebrate its 35th anniversity in the music industry 2014 and 25 years as music publisher 2015, after Keith worked 5 years at Scandinavian Songs. Sweden Songs celebrate its 15 years anniversity 2017. Keith started and previously owned KA Musikproduktion, which was sold to Scandinavian Songs (and now owned by BMG Crysalis Scandinavia AB). Keith is not only music publisher, but songwriter with over 1400 titles written by him and he is one of those songwriters who has the most songs registrated in STIM's register. Keith has participate both in Melodifestivalen as songwriters and music publisher (where he won 2 times as music publisher (Scandinavian Songs) for Charlotte Nilsson (nowadays Perrelli)'s song (winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem 1999) and Roger Pontare (Eurovision Song Contest 2000) before he started Sweden Songs.



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